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Dusty Shades - Powder Pink Interiors

Soft shades of pink are associated with femininity. However, during the last couple of years, the use of pink in interiors got quite popular. Powder shades are taking their place alongside other natural colours like cream, white and grey.

Warmer hues of pink reach from salmon to peach and even orange. Photo Source: Pinterest

The Sketch Gallery in London is probably the most inspiring public place embracing pink interiors. If you are North London based you maybe also know the Wild Food Café in Upper Street (Islington). Their interior has a modern combination of soft pink, copper, teal blue tiles and is beautifully decorated with plants.

Another stunning establishment is the traditional Chinese medicine clinic "The Ronde TCM" by the design studio FAN Art & Design, completed in 2018. Pink is combined with refreshing mint green, leather, and glass for a contemporary modern look.

(Left) Cai Zhang Gui, through Archiscene, Ronde TMC Clinic

(Right) Tropical Breeze Wallpaper in Powder by Good & Craft

Combine with concrete and copper

Pink powder colours are a particularly nice contrast to grey and the rough concrete of industrial-style interiors. Metallic accessories in rose gold or copper are the perfect match and deliver a feeling of affordable luxury.

Photo Credits: (Left) Cote Maison through Pinterest

(Right) Clem Around The Corner through Pinterest

Photo Credit: (Left) Design-Milk through Pinterest, Tom Fereday outdoor collection for SP01

(Right) Wallpaper Hummingbirds Secret Garden by Good & Craft

A dusty salmon pink looks particularly nice in a modern combination with white and black.

Keep the look airy and use the pink just as an accent colour on a statement piece like a sofa or chair.

Photo Credit: Accessed at The Home Studio through Pinterest

Berry Shades

For a warmer feel and elegant look, powder can be beautifully combined with shades of burgundy and raspberry. Terracotta, a colour between orange and brown, is a natural earthy combination for pink and will add warmth to the house.

Photo Credit: (Left) Bree Lech through Pinterest

(Right) Floral wallpaper Fruits Blossom Powder Dove by Good & Craft

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