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We strongly recommend getting some hanging advise from a decorator to help you taking the correct wall measurements and helping you to calculate the correct amount of wallpaper needed before placing an order. Whilst crafting beautiful, high-quality products is of great importance to us, a slight shift in colour may occur for each batch during manufacture. This will be noticeable if hung directly next to a different batch. Therefore make sure you're ordering all the rolls you’ll need in one go. Ordering additional rolls at a later date may result in that batch being sold out. If you need assistance in calculating the roll estimate for the pattern you like to purchase, please get in touch with us prior to placing your order.  

Some patterns are a straight match and some are a drop match. The pattern match is essential when calculating the required roll quantity. Some designs come as already to size printed panels to fit a wall height of either 2m or 3m, depending on your choice. Those panel wallpaper have a straight match pattern repeat, and will cover the width and chosen height as written on the product page. Calculating the required roll quantity of the 2m and 3m panel wallpapers is more straight forward than those of the standard 10m rolls. The 2m and 3m panel wallpapers, however, are limited in their wall height. They will only cover the width and chosen height as written on the product page. 

The standard roll wallpapers come as 10m x 52cm roll and either have a half-drop match pattern that repeats itself half way down the side, straight match or free match (symbols explained below). The standard 10m rolls require good planning and a carefully calculated roll estimate in order to have enough wallpaper to make all necessary pattern matches. Contrary to the already to size printed panels (2m and 3m), those standard 10m rolls can go on any sized wall, regardless the height of the wall. 

How do I install wallpaper? See our: 

tropical blue wallpaper with toucan print in hallway by Good & Craft
Bildschirmfoto 2019-12-06 um 16.01.25.png

Half-drop pattern repeat: The design repeats itself half way down the side. For example if the pattern repeat is 104cm, the drop is 52cm.

The design tends to run diagonally. At the ceiling line the design repeats itself on every other strip.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-12-06 um 16.01.30.png

Straight across match: The design matches on either side of the strips straight over. This pattern match is used for the already to size printed panels (2m and 3m) and is labelled with its sequence to make the installation easy. 

Bildschirmfoto 2019-12-06 um 16.01.33.png

Free match: This design has no repeat and can be hung the way you like it without paying attention to match the pattern. (It is used for example for the cupcake pattern Little Falls)

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