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Whether you like bringing back to life a vintage piece of furniture or sewing new curtains for your home - get inspired by our luxury patterned velvet fabrics and start your upholstery project. Our wide fabric range includes dreamy floral patterns inspired by lush gardens, leafy designs with palm leaves, tropical toucans, and hummingbirds printed on soft velvet. Velvet embodies an opulent, soft quality fabric with a gorgeous sheen, that is  catching the light in a unique way. The production of velvet used to be so time-consuming that, before industrial power looms became available, it was only available to royalty. Nowadays, velvet still adds a sense of drama to your home and is a great option for soft furnishings and upholstery. Fire Retardant (FR) treatment is available on request. As we believe in a sustainable approach to design and like to avoid creating more than is needed, we print every fabric to order, just for you all in England. 

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