Trained at The University of the Arts London in sustainable textile design, it is of great importance to us that our prints, which reflect the variety and beauty of nature, are also sustainably made. We are paying attention to the environmental impact of the manufacturing processes and keep the production in Britain: The fabrics are digitally printed in London and Worcestershire. For our wallpapers we do not use vinyl. Our prints are on non-wovens, which have a significantly lower carbon footprint than vinyl wallpapers. (Vinyls are made of PVC Polyvinyl Chloride which is the most environmentally damaging of all plastics). The wallpapers are produced in Lancashire by a company holding the FSC certificate for the papers they are printing on. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. This non-profit organization promotes the practice of sustainable forestry worldwide.


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We believe in low-waste production to avoid creating more fabrics than is needed. Therefore are all fabrics printed to order in Britain, just for you. Many of the base cloths we have our designs printed on have a GOTS or OEKO-TEX certification.

Digital textile printing is an increasingly important method in the textile industry. Due to the technique‘s reduced environmental impact it could lead the industry into a more sustainable future. One positive aspect

is that the colours are just added where demanded, which results in having less wastage of dyes. In addition, is the technique of digital

printing reported to use 45% less electricity and 30% less water than other printing processes. Digital textile printing is becoming increasingly popular and hence is in a very good position to integrate itself even further in the global textile market. In 2012, only 1% of the fabrics worldwide were printed digitally. 




We are aiming to preserve the craft of locally made products and have all our fabrics printed in London and then crafted with much love into opulent cushions in our Clerkenwell studio. They are stuffed with a 100% duck feather pad, that has been made in the UK. 



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