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My world is all about colourful patterns and the beauty of nature. Hi, I am Danja Good.

I created Good & Craft in central London, driven to craft beautiful, high-quality wallpapers and fabrics, that our clients will enjoy for many years to come.  I grew up in Switzerland and discovered my love for prints during my education in fashion design. My passion for patterns lead me to London, where I graduated with a Master of Arts (MA) in sustainable textile design at the University of the Arts London in 2015, and I fell in love with this vibrant city. 


I am extremely passionate about biodiversity, I love flowers, gardening and observing nature in its details. It is, therefore, very important to me that my patterns, which reflect the variety and beauty of our planet, are sustainably made with paying attention to the environmental impact of the manufacturing processes. I believe in low-waste production and aim to avoid creating more than is needed. So we have almost all of our products made to order - just for you. 

Danja Good floral wallpaper with bird print by Good & Craft
vintage suitcase with wallpaper rolls by Good & Craft



We are aiming to preserve crafts and design individuality, and therefore have all our designs printed in England and the cushions hand-finished in our textile studio. The aspect of craft and inspiring our clients to craft our fabrics into curtains or bringing back to life a vintage piece of furniture also influenced the brand name. Producing in England means that the production is not just ethical in relation to the worker‘s rights, moreover, these small-scale and family-run businesses are a treasure in the history of the country‘s textile and wallpaper industry. During the industrial revolution, England became a leader in the world's wallpaper industry and the region of Lancashire still holds its strong heritage in wallpaper printing today. This is where we proudly have our Good & Craft wallpapers manufactured.

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