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Dark & Moody Interiors - Why we love this trend

Dark interiors might feel like a bold choice and many are worried that dark colours can look a bit depressing. However, since the comeback of grey, dark interiors are quite popular nowadays. But how to style your home dark to achieve a sophisticated look?

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Most people will tell you that you are being very bold to paint or wallpaper your room in a dark colour. Despite the belief that dark walls make a room look smaller it makes it look larger. It is a good idea to start by painting or wallpapering just one wall. So you can still decide if you paint the other walls in a lighter complementary colour or go on the dark side and have the whole room in a dark look.

Photo Credits: (Left) Mara Naturals through Pinterest / (Right) Sally Worts - Sally Does Sassy, Cushion with snake print by Good & Craft

Add a touch of gold

It is important to think about using additional lightening, mirrors and other reflecting surfaces that the room doesn't feel heavy and overwhelming. Adding in natural materials like wood and plants and vintage finds will help to achieve a warm and earthy feeling.

Photo Credit: (Left) Wallpaper Living waters with Jelly Fishes by Good & Craft /

(Right) Photo and products by The Future Kept, Lobster and Swan, through Pinterest

Photo Credit: Rockett St George, through Pinterest

Mix it up with prints and patterns

Dark colours are the perfect surrounding to make colours stand out. Patterns and clashing colours will look bold and even more bright among charcoal and black. Combine dark shades with berry and powder colours, velvet and floral patterns to give the room a soft touch. Also a great way of bringing in reflection and warmth are metallic surfaces and gold accessories.

Photo Credit: Jotex through Pinterest

Photo Credits: (Left) Wallpaper Fruits Blossom by Good & Craft /

(Right) Photo by The Future Kept, Lobster and Swan, through My Scandinavian Home

Be Bold

Weather you are decorating a decadent boudoir, moody kitchen, or even the whole house in dark, some of you might like to go even bolder with your styling. Interior blogger Abigail Ahern, who was one of the first to embrace dark shades in interiors, is not only using dark colours on her walls but even decorate with dark furniture and accessories.

(Left) Hummingbirds Secret Garden Fabric in Charcoal by Good & Craft / (Right) Cushion with snake print by Good & Craft

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