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Decorating with Green

Green is the most refreshing and calming of all colours. It has a strong association with nature and reminds of the deep green of forests and the lush green of grass. It is even said that green has a harmonious power and can diffuse anxiety. Dark emerald green was named as Pantone's colour of the year in 2013, and again in 2017 as the fresh apple green shade named "Greenery". Years later, green still has proven itself as one of the favourite colours within the interior design world in 2019 and 2020. With good reason - green is a symbol of nature, a sign of growth - of life.

Photo Source: Pinterest

Go Green

For colour lovers, white walls are, quite frankly, boring. Nothing makes another colour pop more than another colour. Plants look even more fresh and juicy against a green wall.

Before you are painting your walls or wallpaper them in green (and any other colour really) think about which direction the wall is facing. Is there plenty of natural light in the room? How will the light hit the wall? You can use a lighter green on the walls, but for accessories and the furniture (trend are velvets), choose the same green in a darker shade or natural wooden furniture.

Decorating with green wallpaper with toucans by Good and Craft, Good & Craft
Interior Design Blog for dark Interiors, showing sofa with Good and Craft cushion

(Left) Tropical wallpaper Rio Smaragd in emerald green with toucans by Good & Craft / (Right) Photo Source: through Pinterest

Tropical wallpaper with toucans by Good and Craft, Good& Craft

Tropical wallpaper Amazonia Bloom Smaragd in emerald green by Good & Craft

Team up with industrial style and vintage furniture

Green fits very well within the industrial style. It looks great among dark wood, leather furniture, steel, copper, and brass. Leafy green is a lovely earthy combination with antique furniture. If you do not feel comfortable (yet) to paint a wall in green, you can think about using green tiles for the kitchen or bathroom, or just going with green accessories like industrial lamps or furniture.

Wallpaper with Jelly Fish print by Good & Craft
Interior Design Blog for dark Interiors, styling tips for dark decor

Photo Credits: (Left) Source: through Pinterest /

(Right) André Rider, House & Home, through Pinterest

Interior Design Blog for dark Interiors, styling tips for dark decor

Photo Credit: Hubert Zandberg Interiors through Pinterest

Photo Credit: Gemma Lewis, Wattle and Daub through Pinterest

Urban Jungle - Bring the Outside in

If you are not sure if green will suit your style you can start by adding just a hint of it.

A natural way to embrace the green interiors trend is by adding plants to your home. Plants are a great and inexpensive way to quickly change the atmosphere of a room and bringing the outside in.

Some people like to go all the way and creating an urban jungle feeling with abundant usage of green, tropical patterns and plants (The more the better!). For a maximal rainforest feeling combine a tropical statement wallpaper with a green painted wall or emerald green sofa.

jungle mural rainforest wallpaper with palm trees by Good and Craft, Good & Craft

Rainforest Jungle Mural with palm trees by Good & Craft

Colour Pop

A bright colour combination is enriching greens with mustard yellow and pink.

Mustard is an uplifting colour and will add a happy feeling to your room. Keep it light and use it just as an accent colour. Adding in the yellow with a statement chair, cushion, throw, or vase. Pink, the complementary colour of green, can be used as a bold yet harmonious combination. Team up Magenta with a fresh apple green for a bright look. Dusty powder pink looks sophisticated with a deep emerald.

Interior Design Blog for dark Interiors, styling tips for dark decor showing Abigail Ahern living Room
decorating with green, wallpaper in green with toucan print by Good and Craft, Good & Craft

Photo Credit: (Left) Le Hoboken via Le Claire Brody Designs / Pinterest Pinterest / (Right) Tropical rainforest wallpaper Rio in mint green with toucans by Good & Craft

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